The most accurate Low-SWaP magnetic sensor on (and off) the planet

Magneto-Inductive Magnetometer

Incredible resolution with low power, low mass, small size and large dynamic range.


Getting accurate navigation and position data depends on having accurate magnetic field measurement to begin with. Unlike traditional Hall-effect sensors, the RM3100 magneto-inductive sensor has over 23 times better resolution and 33 times less noise resulting in far more precise data outputs.


The RM3100 can deflect fields as low as 2.7 nT at 1Hz, with a noise floor of 4 pT /√Hz at 1Hz. It also has a linear response over a range of 100,000 nT. The RM3100 has been tested for various environmental conditions, such as thermal shock, mechanical shock, radiation, and thermal cycles, and has shown strong performance and stability.


The RM3100 delivers impeccable signal-to-noise, drift-
free, precise magnetic field measurements, ideal for
underwater, ground, air, and space applications. It offers pinpoint resolution with low power, low mass, small size and large dynamic range features.


Installed in over tens of millions of devices worldwide, and trusted by leading military and commercial companies for use in key equipment. And it’s tested and approved by NASA.


Stable and reliable over time and temperature and extremely radiation tolerant, the RM3100 has I2C and SPI interfaces.

Technical Specifications

Linearity over +/- 200 uT0.50%
Field Measurement Range+/- 1100 uT
Current @ 8Hz, 3 Axes260 uA
Interface SPI and I2C
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C

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Single-event effect testing of the PNI RM3100 magnetometer for space applications

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Order one of our RM3100 Breakout Boards to easily evaluate the performance of our RM3100 sensor suite.

RM3100 Breakout Board Unit

Price per unit:


This Breakout Board incorporates both I2C and SPI interfaces for system design flexibility and easily connects to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontroller boards.

Note: Maximum order quantity is ten (10) units. Please contact if you wish to purchase larger quantities.

SKU: 14190 (RM3100 Breakout Board) / Category: Magnetic Sensors

RM3100 Sensor Suite Units

10 RM3100 Sensor Suite Sets:


The RM3100 Sensor Suite is sold in MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 10 sensor suites. Each sensor suite has 2 SEN-XY (PN 13104), 1 SEN-Z (PN13101) and 1 ASIC drive circuitry (PN13156).
We recommend the RM3100 Breakout Board (PN 14190) for quick and easily evaluation.

Note: Price is $250 for 10 RM3100 Sensor Suite kits. Please contact if you have any questions or if you need a quote for more than 10 pcs.

SKU: 90053 (RM3100 Sensor Suite) / Category: Magnetic Sensors

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